About Us

Testers Meetup is a singular platform for Software testers and quality assurance professionals across the national and international communities. Within the past few years the social media has strengthen the voice of its users.

Professionals have used social media as their key character in gaining and spending their information across the networks.

Software testing is a profession, where real time experience and skills matters to everyone who is or wish to become a software tester. For this they need to have a place or arena where they can post their questions, initiate discussions or simply call people up for an event.

Testers Meetup will provide these features under one roof. Now, testers across diverse communities can come along to one platform and share their experiences, help each other out on different scenarios, write blogs, articles and above all, conduct events and share that with everyone and everywhere.

Under the powerful visions of Kualitatem Inc. the Tester Meetup is already making vibes nationally and will soon launch itself in the international arena of software testing and quality assurance domain.