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    Do you think is this the case? Is the GAP between industry and academia really due to this fact? There are around 11000 IT graduates coming out each year. But still there is a shortage of resources.

    Need your thoughts here!

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    Amna Sherazi

    Yes I do agree. In most of the academic courses there is no course for QA. In some universities only a single course related to the SQA being taught but at the beginner level through which student didn’t get the basic aim of that field and rush to the QA field.

    There should be proper course subjects through which student have the clear picture about the basic of each and every field of QA e.g. Security testing, Functional testing, Performance testing etc

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    Jari Mikael Laakso

    There are academic courses focused on testing, but those are very rare compared to pretty much anything else computer-science-related. Then again, I haven’t seen much push for having courses about continuous delivery, any relatively new tools, or for example functional programming. Maybe not even OOP design principles. I am sure there are, but I haven’t paid enough attention to notice them.

    Would be great to hear other opinions around the world!

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