What initiated with just eight guys meeting at a social joint in Karachi, is now an emergent software testers’ community and is maturing by the passing of the hour.

What started on that hot day in July 2012, was a ripple which not only created a face of Pakistan’s software testing professional on the international venues, it also resulted in finding the lost identity of testers.

Now, things have changed, and these meetups are just a start. Here is the Lahore’s meetup story.

The preparations:

Past two months we have been busy in preparations. We launched a teaser campaign which resulted in good response. Since Lahore’s testers were waiting anxiously for an event after the news coming out from Karachi and Peshawar, we were hoping to get good amount of registrations this time, which we did.

We received 300 registrations with representations of over 150 companies in Lahore. Which is staggering for software testers’ community. As this meetup was turning into a mini conference. In Karachi, we received the same amount of attention, but with lesser registrations.

But, on the day of the meetup, Lahore was flooded with rain! Our hearts sank. The organizing committee members were to meet at the office, and most of them were stuck in the traffic jams, all across the city. With all this we assembled one hour late from our decided time, but guys were all charged up.

Amazingly, we reached Arfa Software Park in the next 30 minutes.

Saira Hafeez, the Assistant program manager at PITB was our coordinator, and we are thankful for her efforts and patience.

We are still amazed to the fact the despite of hard rain and traffic that day, our audience started pouring in, and within the next hour we started the event.

How event was unfolded:

Tester Meetup Lahore started with Arslan Ali’s welcome note, and then the stage was given to Sarah Gilani of TechHub Connect, her short speech comprised the idea of not only the importance of talent upbringing, but also a shout out to everyone who can come forward and contribute. She said there is a huge demand for trainers and mentors all across Punjab’s districts.

After Sarah’s session, Uzma Yasin, Head of Products and New Initiatives at Kualitatem took the stage. In her session “What and Why’s of Testers Meetup” she represented the idea of meetups, coming and sharing together. She said we need community to inbound itself and contribute for each other. Within the same lines, Kualitatem has now launched www.testermeetup.com which is a forum for testers to come on board, share, learn and grow together.

After Uzma’s speech the stage was set to the regular sessions of testers meetup:

There were 6 sessions, which included:

  1. Effective Communication is software testing by Rabia Hai, who is a Sr. QA Engineer at VentureDive.
  2. Performance testing of non-functional aspects, was presented by Rao Farhan, who is QA Manager at Afiniti.
  3. Arslan Ali presented the actual role of a software tester in the perspective of responsibilities.
  4. Sumara Farooq, the QA Engineer at IPAL presented about Testing in Agile and Scrum methodologies.
  5. Ahmad Waqar from ILSA interactive presented about Black Box Testing
  6. And Zunair Haseeb Khan, the QA Manager at Techlogix presented about ethical hacking.

Panel Discussions:

We then entered into the Q&A session and a panel discussion. The panelists included Rizwan Jafri from Confiz, Awais Kahlil from Xavor, Aamir Saleem from Kualitatem, and Zunair Haseeb from Techlogix.

With questions starting from a testers being technically proficient to compete with her counterparts, the panelists, agreed on the fact that the being “just tester” is not enough. Technologically proficient testers are the ones who are making a difference in the market.

The Q&A was then handed over to audience, and this lasted for next 30 minutes, ranging from questions about tester role, automation, security, and practices.

Closing Remarks:

The stage was then taken by Jamil Goheer, who is Co-Founder and CEO of Kualitatem. Jamil’s closing address was a complete session in itself. He emphasized on bringing the community together. He said “”We need to create a rising Pakistan”, he further added, and “There is a lack of tools, guidance & platform to bring people together. We need to create visibility for Pakistan. This landscape can dramatically change, and Pakistan have evolved rapidly!”

After Jamil’s closing session, certificates of appreciation were presented to Panelists and Speakers, and gifts were presented to social media bloggers, who became the voice of #TestersMeetupLHR and trended it on 3rd position in Pakistan that day.

Concluding Session:

We then directed the audience to networking session, where the interaction charged up as audience surrounded our panelists and speakers and ASTP Cafeteria was all alive for that particular hour.

This meetup has proved that there is a strong presence of software testers’ community in Pakistan and these souls love their careers. They are willing to come forward, share, participate, learn and grow.