What is security testing?

This is the type of testing to determine either your application is secured or not, Information system is protecting data or not. We need to figure out application’s behavior when any malicious activity is being performed so that we can take steps to overcome security breaches.

It makes sure following points in application:

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Availability
  • Non-repudiation

Why Security Testing

Consider a case when you wake up in the morning, you got a message from bank mentioning you have transferred “n” amount in some other account. ‘Hey wait a minute???”, you will question yourself … ‘I did not perform this transaction!’. Possibly, your bank account is being hacked.

This is one case. In social media, accounts are being hacked every day by hackers. We are living in cyber world and this world is becoming more vulnerable to security attacks. Information is a very sensitive medium. It need to be preserved. That’s why, security testing is very important for applications. Several tools are available to figure out security vulnerabilities in applications.

Benefits of security testing.

This is a fact that initial cost of security testing might be high. But I can list a number of benefits of adopting this non-functional testing and list can also be fetched from the internet. Besides, having other benefits of information preserving, I am mentioning some of the points with respect to business prospective:

Save organization’s brand:

Security testing ensure application’s security leading to happy customers. Means, you are making a chain of happy customers relying on your products. Eventually, your organization’s brand name is growing across competitive market.

Gaining customer’s confidence:

A very common rule of business is, if you want to secure a business from a customer, you need to gain confidence of that customer. Security testing is a big plus to gain confidence of your customers while delivering the right product.

Overcome risk in peak days of application usage:

Suppose you have built an eCommerce application and on a very special sale day (like black Friday), your application is hacked and the web site is not accessible for next couple of hours. Now you can imagine loss of millions. All of your investments of years become wasted due to lack of security testing.

By performing this testing, an organization can save business of millions.

Legal sanctions and civil lawsuits

Imagine the case where sensitive information of one of your client is being stolen. Imagine where data of end user is being leaked out. Consumer Legal laws in many country are very strict. An organization can avoid all of this hassle by adopting security testing.

Different methods are being used for testing a web based application and mobile based application. I have performed some R&D on points shared by one website.

I will share that information soon in next blog.