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The primary objective of the site is  to create platforms for professionals to come together, share their experiences and gain insights from others.

This forum is not primarily for marketing purpose, but if you are promoting your workshop or would like to launch a webinar on training professionals then it’s okay, but please don’t spam people, or post multiple discussions on the same topic again and again.

Political & Religious discussions are not allowed. Only share Professional and Educational topics / articles. Discussions on current Quality and Software Testing issues and practice are most welcome.

If you are posting a job, then you need to share an authentic company link or email ID, otherwise on receiving complaints, we may have to remove you from the forum. Don’t use your personal email address of Gmail, yahoo, Hotmail etc.

Use the right forum for the right posts, use Parent Forum as JOBS, then you can initiate the discussion within that forum. In case if these are launched as a “Discussion” then these shall be moved to the Jobs Section.

Before launching any discussion please use the search function within the group menu to see if this has been discussed earlier. This way you can save your time and effort.

Please do not ask members or share ideas about “Software Cracks”, “Hacks”, and “Downloading Sites”.

If you are a “Blogger” then on initiating a discussion regarding your blog, please make sure to add a descriptive comment, otherwise we shall move that entry in Promotion section. Also, in case if the blog is being published on Testermeetup.com, then it will be first moderated by the admin.

These points are raised to maintain & improve the quality of testermeetup.com.

Wish you all the best in your professional careers and keep sharing your experiences and knowledge.

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