Part of testers’ meetup was the 2nd experience for me and this time as a panelist in the Lahore meetup on Aug 27, 2016. It was no doubt a superb experience.

For me the word TesterMeetup consists of 3 parts, ‘Tester’, ‘Meet’, ‘Up’ i.e. Testers participate in the event, they meet the technologists & practitioners and up themselves. The purpose of these meetup is to grow yourself, to envision yourself, meet and learn something new from others.

Lahore meetup was overall a great event in which some technology experts contributed their experiences and best practices. Panel discussion and cross questioning; was the best part that provided the chance to audience to ask open questions regarding their concerns, future in software testing and how a tester should be.

The core discussion had multiple major and very good points, e.g.

  • A tester should not be a simple manual tester.
  • Quality is not only the name of finding bugs.
  • Every quality engineer and tester should have great sense of quality conformance with different perspectives e.g. Test Automation, Test Case Writing with different approaches, Performance Testing, Security Testing and Ethical Hacking.
  • Improvement is continuous in the field of quality assurance.
  • Self-assessment and self-improvement is the key to get successful future in quality assurance and testing field.

I will definitely recommend every quality engineer, software tester, software engineer, project manager and technology experts to participate in such event and contribute something according to his/her skill set & experience.