There has been a good change that happened in Pakistan’s ICT industry, and that is in form of Testers Meetups, which are now being conducted on frequent basis. Nearly after every 2 or 3 months, one IT company or the another is organizing such an event, where a number of fresh graduates and skilled testers gather, talk about what they are doing all day long, build their network, and expand their reach.

I’m sure most of the people talk about their workday and connected issues with their colleagues at least once in their busy schedules, like during lunch time or coffee breaks, but the impact of this is usually small, this is why professionals need to come out of their daily shells and meet.

So what’s the essential purpose of these Meetups?

Testers Meetups are the source where professional testers share their experiences in software testing field, and learn what others have experienced.

These Meetups are the inspiration of a bunch of individuals with a spotlight to enhance and improve software testing for the nation. They operate below a shared set of values and principles. They ask to follow high-value testing instead of alleged “best practice”.

These Meetups welcome any and every one IT professionals that perform or support the field of software testing, this could be manual testers, automation specialist, performance and security engineers, test managers, developers, or even the end users.

For me, being part of testers meetup was the third experience in line. On August 27, 2016, test engineers and people from Kualitatem in collaboration with TechHub Connect (Plan 9) organized the fourth tester meetup in Lahore.

From the very first day I come to know about that meetup I was excited regarding the event because of the topics i.e. “Performance testing of non-functional aspects”, “Ethical Hacking” and “Agile and scrum Methodologies”. As these fields are of my interest and I wished to grasp more and more knowledge regarding the experiences from the professionals operating in local corporations.

Testers Meetups encourages testers to participate in the event, build their networks, with other professionals and practitioners. The aim of these meetups is to grow, visualize, meet and learn one thing new from others. Lahore meetup was overall a good event within which some technology consultants contributed their experiences and best practices.

The event trended 3rd in Pakistan on Twitter, and was concluded with message to share, learn and grow together, alongside the launch of a common platform for testers,