Very recently, Kualitatem has organized 4th Testers meet up in the grand city of Lahore.

The notion is to build a software testers community where everyone can come and share their ideas, knowledge and experiences. During the course of meet up, it was identified that there is a strong feeling of lack of online testers’ platform.

This intuition has become the idea behind launching Tester Meetup Forum.

What I can pursue from this is that now, the entire local tester’s community has a platform where they can come and discuss topics related to software testing domain and at the same time get to know each other. So if you are a test engineer I will strongly advise you to join this forum.

Do you have certain kind of questions about Testing or even development or project management? Then asking people around Tester Meetup is certainly a good idea.

For the young testers it is a great platform where they can ask for stuff like “what is the career path in testing domain?” and “what are the current technology trends in test automation?” or “How can I improve my testing skills?”

Not only that you can share your ideas and can get feedback from other senior test professionals in the market. You will be getting some really constructive answers regarding your queries.

Tester Meetup forum is providing the platform to learn some great tips and tricks to become more skilled test engineer. All you need is to keep in touch with the experts there and shot to learn as much as you can. There also is a blog section. Not only you can read the blog posts by test specialists but you can also learn some writing skills from them.

If you are the senior tech professional and you want to give back to the community, this is one of the best platforms to serve the purpose. Come forward, guide and help fresh graduates and young professionals in choosing right path, share your knowledge, experiences and skills that you have learned over the time.
You can not only discuss the topics on the Tester Meetup forum.

You can also write and share your thoughts and notions in form of blogs. You can ask people to review your blog or you can inquire about the issues you are facing in blog writing

I can’t really tell whether to place Tester’s Meetup in a blogging list or in forum but as far as its structure is concerned, it’s more like a blend of testing community and forum.

By joining Tester Meetup forum you will be able to share your ideas and experiences through blogs and discussion boards with other testers who previously are and will become part of the Tester Meetup.

Everybody is welcome to join this meetup forum who wants to:

• Keep in touch with the with the latest trends
• Network with testing gurus
• Learn novel testing methods and tools